Alex Massa Plays Well With Others 2019 Winter Tour

Good morning from Chicago!

In less than two weeks, I begin a five-week long tour that includes a few short writing retreats and recording sessions in four different cities. Here is the schedule!

2/8-2/9 – w/Brian Haas (duo) at Tonic Santa Fe

2/11 – w/Mike Cameron Collective at Hodges Bend Tulsa, OK

2/12 – w/Chris Combs, Brian Haas and more at Fassler Hall Tulsa, OK

2/16 – w/Brian Haas and Zach Rhea at Artmosphere Lafayette, LA

2/17 – Tiny House Concert – New Orleans

2/20 – The Fat Trio at Siberia; sharing a bill with Brian Haas/Justin Peake Duo and Brad Webb Making Faces (9pm)

2/22 – (morning) w/Jonathan Freilich at Live Oak Cafe

2/22 – w/Nikki Glaspie, Brian Haas, Helen Gillet at Maple Leaf

2/23 – w/Mahmoud Chakti and Yakou N’guesan at Sidebar

2/25 – w/Brian Haas, Nick Benoit and a drummer – Instant Opus at Sidebar

2/26 – w/Aurora Nealand, Brian Haas, Jonathan Freilich, Dan Oestreicher, Justin Peake at Hi Ho Lounge

3/1 – w/Tricky Lamb – house concert (RSVP)

3/2 – w/Fat Ballerina feat. Brian Haas, Dan Oestreicher, Nathan Lambertson, and more at Maison

3/4 – w/Tricky Lamb at Live Oak Cafe

3/6 – w/Brian Haas and Mike Dillon at Sidebar

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