first tour stop recap!



what a beautiful start to this run

one of my favorite things in the world has been driving all over south dakota. the backroads, 55mph highways, the part of the country that most don’t ever see. i have missed it, and it is quite a privilege to be driving these roads again.

John Lopez is one of the nicest folk i’ve ever met, and i’ve met some nice folk, indeed. his studio/gallery provide a cultural oasis in this state, and the following he has curated is nothing short of spectacular. 
we had about 35-ish people come through, when all was said and done, and the kids that attended were glued through each set. 

best part of the evening was getting the chance to show the kids what i was doing, and how i was doing it. 
thank you, lemmon, for kickin’ it off right!

next – aberdeen, tonight, at the red rooster. 7pm. opening band is citrisity. come through aberdeen

love y’all,



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