My Story


My name is Alex (short for Alexander).

I am a trumpeter, composer, educator, public speaker, and practicing yogi. I recently relocated to Chicago from New Orleans, where I was based out of for the better part of six years. Before New Orleans, I resided in Winnipeg, MB, where I attempted to procure a Master’s Degree. Before that, I spent a spring/summer working onboard the Emerald Princess, and before THAT, I was in Aberdeen, South Dakota, where I received my bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree. I am originally from Rapid City, in the Black Hills.

Throughout my short tenure in the music industry, I have had the privilege to perform, tour and record with artists across multiple stylings. A short list of these artists are: The New Orleans Jazz Orchestra, The Nth Power, Vintage Trouble, The Trumpet Mafia, The Revivalists, Samantha Fish, Helen Gillet and TEPHRA, and Jon Roniger.

I am constantly working on multiple different projects, and at the moment, these projects include:

– The Fat Trio – The Fat Trio is a vehicle for my fusion jazz/avant-garde/third-stream taste. The lineup is typically different for every show (always more than three people), and every show has a ridiculously talented lineup. Some of these monster musicians include – Jamison Ross, Nikki Glaspie, Wil Blades, Cliff Hines, Noah Young, Brian Haas, Brad Walker, Dan Oestreicher, Cole DeGenova, Paul Bedal and Anton Hatwich.

– My Trio and Quartets are steered toward original compositions and a few arrangements, mostly in the ‘contemporary jazz’ vibe with multiple elements of improvisation and improvised music. They tour regularly.

– My solo tours are fun! traditionally once every year, I book about one months worth of dates, pack up a rental car, and travel by myself to different cities in parts of the United States and Canada, hiring different musicians in every locale I travel to. It has allowed me to explore multiple areas of the continent, and more importantly, has helped me connect deeply to those communities.

– I am currently composing a score to the short film PARSNIP, by director John Hansen, based out of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Be on the lookout for it at festivals in 2020/2021!

Other than that – I am a freelance, sidemanning trumpet player, who is willing to travel and put in his homework! If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me at

Also if you want to hang out and do yoga or grab a burger with me in the Chicago area hit me up

Until then,

Have a great day