Alex Massa ‘Plays Well With Others : Adventure #1 – Glaspie/Haas’

The first in a series, Alex Massa’s Play Wells With Others : Adventure #1 – Glaspie/Haas is out NOW exclusively on Bandcamp through Ears&Eyes Records!

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album artwork by Maria Degtiarenko

Featuring drummer Nikki Glaspie (The Nth Power, Dumpstaphunk, TEPHRA, Beyoncé) and keyboardist Brian Haas (Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey, Nolatet, TEPHRA), this six track EP winds through 20 minutes of dazzling, dizzying, daring, and danceable compositions.

Recorded at Neutral Sound Studios (by Aaron Boudreaux) in New Orleans one week before Mardi Gras in 2019, this first Adventure captures the quirk and grit of this trio, all of whom hail from different musical backgrounds. Glaspie – one of the pillars of today’s international funk community, Brian Haas – classical piano virtuoso turned crossover pioneer, and me (Alex), coming from a BAM/funk/orchestral past – merge to bring life to compositions by Haas, myself, and Miles Davis.

Dan Pierson, of Whiskey Point Studios, and I mixed this record at the end of February/early March 2020 at his home studio in Chicago, and his steady hand and brilliant ear made this record into a masterpiece!

Scoot on over to to download the album for a ‘Pay-what-you-can’ basis, and give yourself 20 minutes to drift!

Nikki Glaspie plays Yamaha drums, Zildjian cymbals, Vater drumsticks and Remo drumheads.

Brian Haas plays Rhodes keyboards, Moog synthesizers, and Line 6 pedals.

Alex Massa (me again) plays on Kanstul 1501, Bob Reeves Hollywood 1 1/2 C, and MXR and Line 6 effect pedals.


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