preview of album art for WATER MUSIC

Behold! The vinyl cover for WATER MUSIC (designed by gifted and radiant visionary Lydia Cheshewalla)

Water Music is the first document in a series of activism-based projects that focuses attention on the Global Water Crisis, an issue that affects us all regardless of political ideology, race, orientation, gender, or any other status/label we use to segregate the masses. That being said, the crisis (like many, as we are collectively discovering) affects non-white communities the hardest, as access to this (usable) resource is becoming scarcer by the day. Oil and other resource-driven industries and governments are still throwing in new pipelines, mines, etc.. destroying protected land and polluting local water supplies.

This document speaks to the situations at Standing Rock, Flint, MI, and a major corporation that has been stealing hundreds of millions water from the state of California, every year, for almost 100 years for little more than a ~$1000 permit. It also spotlights the fact that all of the social movements that have begun in America over the past 100 years have been initiated, led and sustained by Black, Brown, and Indigenous Women.

The band – Mai Sugimoto, Artie Black, Anton Hatwich and Isaiah Spencer

More info later.

Pre-orders for vinyl will be available by September 22, and the record will drop Nov. 1st.

Water is Life.

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