plays well with others day 2 recap



i attended northern state university in aberdeen from 2006 to 2011. while i was there, a coffeeshop downtown was notorious for being a creative haven, and a safe space for all who wish to listen, debate, and share. they would have live music almost every day of the week – local and national touring acts would pack the small club with everything from punk rock to acoustic guitarists.

it was/is a great vibe.

now, the red rooster coffee house has moved locations (bigger spot), and is celebrating 25 years of being the creative hub and fueling station for northeastern south dakota.

dan clever continues to do really wonderful work for the community, and continues to curate an environment of animated characters and soft conversation.

it was beautiful to be able to share the space with the band citrisity (made of up of former northern students), as well as connect with some good friends from back in the day.

my new solo set – playing my horn through my effect pedals, has been well-received, and i’m looking forward to continuing this project, refining and refreshing.

tonight, i am in sioux falls playing two shows. the first show is at the post pilgrim art gallery with jon bakken (upright bass). the second show will be a trio with jon and daniel heier on drums at the full circle book co-op.

it’s sure to be a crazy night of improvised goodness!

more tomorrow – thanks for all the support, lovers

– am


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