My name is Alex (short for Alexander).

I am a trumpeter, composer, educator, public speaker, and practicing yogi. I recently relocated to Chicago from New Orleans, where I was based out of for the better part of six years. Before New Orleans, I resided in Winnipeg, MB, where I attempted to procure a Master’s Degree. Before that, I spent a spring/summer working onboard the Emerald Princess, and before THAT, I was in Aberdeen, South Dakota, where I received my bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree. I am originally from Rapid City, in the Black Hills.

Throughout my short tenure in the music industry, I have had the privilege to perform, tour and record with artists across multiple stylings. A short list of these artists are: The New Orleans Jazz Orchestra, The Nth Power, Vintage Trouble, The Trumpet Mafia, The Revivalists, Samantha Fish, Helen Gillet and TEPHRA, and Jon Roniger.

I am constantly working on multiple different projects, and at the moment, these projects include:

– The Fat Trio – The Fat Trio is a vehicle for my fusion jazz/avant-garde/third-stream taste. The lineup is typically different for every show (always more than three people), and every show has a ridiculously talented lineup. Some of these monster musicians include – Jamison Ross, Nikki Glaspie, Wil Blades, Cliff Hines, Noah Young, Brian Haas, Brad Walker, Dan Oestreicher, Cole DeGenova, Paul Bedal and Anton Hatwich.

– My Trio and Quartets are steered toward original compositions and a few arrangements, mostly in the ‘contemporary jazz’ vibe with multiple elements of improvisation and improvised music. They tour regularly.

– My solo tours are fun! traditionally once every year, I book about one months worth of dates, pack up a rental car, and travel by myself to different cities in parts of the United States and Canada, hiring different musicians in every locale I travel to. It has allowed me to explore multiple areas of the continent, and more importantly, has helped me connect deeply to those communities.

– I am currently composing a score to the short film PARSNIP, by director John Hansen, based out of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Be on the lookout for it at festivals in 2020/2021!

Other than that – I am a freelance, sidemanning trumpet player, who is willing to travel and put in his homework! If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me at alexlmassa@gmail.com.

Also if you want to hang out and do yoga or grab a burger with me in the Chicago area hit me up

Until then,

Have a great day