The Fat Trio


Released Jan 24, 2019 only on my website, I have for you two tracks recorded in 2018! Featuring Cliff Hines on guitar, Max Moran on bass, Brendan Bull on drums and Andriu Yanovski on synth (Dancing With Trolls).

A Ballad For Krystal

Dancing With Trolls

The Fat Trio is an ever-evolving vehicle of self expression for all involved. By listening and showing HOW to listen, we
change the world for every individual in the room.
Born in New Orleans from the fragments of the funk outfit Fat Ballerina, The Fat Trio was founded under the principle concepts of freedom, groove, and cooperation. Depending on the day, you can expect the group to explore any and all musical realms.
With a constantly rotating list of members, The Fat Trio has comprised of many members. Some of those members are:

Brian Haas – keyboards
Jamison Ross – drums
Nikki Glaspie – drums
Erica Falls – vocals
Wil Blades – keys/organ
James Singleton – bass
Amina Scott – bass
Brad Walker – sax
Christien Bold – vocals
Noah Young – bass
Dan Oestreicher – bari sax
Jonathan Freilich – guitar
Bradley Webb – drums
Brendan Bull – drums
Michelle Welchons – assorted hand percussion and vocals
Elle Shimada – violin/effects/vocals
Kaya Nicole – guitar and vocals
Evan Paydon – bass
Daniel Meinecke – keyboards
Chris Guccione – drums
Georgi Petrov – guitar
Shawn Myers – drums
Anton Hatwich – bass
Steve Marquette – guitar
Quin Kirchner – drums
Jeremy Cunningham – drums
Ari Teitel – guitar

Jimmy Reed – bass

Kaleb Britton – drums

Johnny Hastings – guitar
Dominic Minix – guitar
George Wilde – guitar
Andriu Yanovski – keyboards