Welcome home.

Thanks for swinging by my little plot of digital acreage. Open any door and you might see the past, the present, and the future, and I am very happy that YOU are a part of it.

If you are interested in getting in touch with me for film-score work, festival and club booking, teaching, or just to say schmello – email me at alexlmassa@gmail.com.

Currently, I am located in Rapid City, South Dakota – my birthplace and hometown – and have enjoyed reconnecting with friends from long ago, and forging new relationship with some wonderful humans. The Black Hills – He Sapa to the Lakota – provide a beautiful backdrop to living here as a creative. It is an inspirational area, with a small, yet diverse and interesting, arts community, and I am proud to be back and offering whatever I can, and checking out new music whenever possible.

Here is the first look at the upcoming solo/Plays Well With Others tour in May!

Upcoming gigs:

May 12 – The Good Eggs @ Murphy’s Pub (Rapid City, SD) 530pm

May 13 – The Good Eggs @ Iron Phnx (Rapid City, SD) 6-8p

May 13 – Alex Massa’s Fat Trio @ Aby’s (Rapid City, SD) 8:30-10:30

May 14 – Alex Massa’s Birthday Bash @ The Blind Lion Speakeasy (Rapid City, SD)

May 17 – Alexander’s Good Eggs @ Lost Cabin (Rapid City, SD)

May 18 – Alex Massa Plays Well With Others @ John Lopez Studio (Lemmon, SD)

May 19 – Alex Massa Plays Well With Others @ The Red Rooster Coffee House (Aberdeen, SD)

May 20 – Alex Massa Plays Well With Others w/Jon Bakken @ Post Pilgrim Art Gallery (Sioux Falls, SD) 6pm

May 20 – Alex Massa Plays Well With Others w/Jon Bakken and Daniel Heier @ Full Circle Book Co-Op (Sioux Falls, SD) 830pm

May 21 – Solo @ Gist Wine Bar (Sioux Falls, SD)

May 27 – w/the Blue Collar Brass Band @ Custer Beacon (Custer, SD)

May 28 – w/Randy McAllister @ Custer Beacon (Custer, SD)

June 3 – w/TBA @ TinderBox (Rapid City, SD)

June 5 – w/The New Music Ensemble of the Black Hills @ The Journey Museum Learning Center – “Remembrance and Renewal: 50 years after the Black Hills Flood of 1972”

July 2 – Alexander’s Good Eggs @ Contraband Distillery (Rapid City, SD)

July 22 – w/TBA @ TinderBox (Rapid City, SD)

July 23 – w/TBA @TinderBox (Rapid City, SD)

Aug 5/6 – w/The Fat Trio @ the 445 Lounge (Rapid City, SD)

August 24 – w/The Fat Trio @ Love Squared/Main Street Square (Rapid City, SD)

August 27 – w/Cristal Sabbagh’s “Freedom From/Freedom To” @ Elastic Arts (Chicago, IL)

September 7 – Alexander’s Good Eggs @ Firehouse Vineyards Harvest Party

On March 10th, I was lucky enough to head back to Constellation in Chicago to play with Otis:GO, an ensemble co-led by saxophonist Artie Black and myself, featuring some of Chicago’s finest creative musicians. Click below to check the concert out!

In early September 2021, I finally had the chance to perform a record release of ‘Water Music’ (released Nov.1.2020) in its entirety at Constellation in Chicago, IL. Check it out below.

I decided to ‘go back to school’ and rekindle my love for film-scoring and composition. In December of 2021, I was awarded my Graduate Diploma from the Film Scoring Academy of Europe based in Sofia, Bulgaria. From writing for solo piano to synthesized ensembles, and ending with a 52-piece orchestra, I had the opportunity to connect with composers from all over the world via the magic of the internet. We all dove deep into the hundred-year history of film scoring, and it was an experience I won’t soon forget. Below is the first composition I wrote for the program, in May 2021. Enjoy “Henry Enters The World”

You can head to my Bandcamp page – the only place on the internet where you can hear my records. Every record is a “pay-what-you-want” scale, which means you can pay a dollar for ALL of this music. You will not find my music on any of the major streaming platforms, but this gives you the chance to OWN whatever I release.

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